Historische Miniaturen

Historische Miniaturen



Samstag, 27. Februar 2016



Hello friends,

here I´m back again with a short report about my trip to Ardennes with my friends
Helge, Klaus, Oliver and Uwe.
On our first day we started in La Roche and visited Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes.
A very nice little museum in Belgium in a lovely little city.
There are also some WWII monuments with tanks around.

From there we drove to La Gleize and visited Le Museé Decembre 1944.
Who does not know the King Tiger in front of the entrance?
This museum is one of the nicest I know.
The presentation inside is professional done, it is not overcharged like in many other museums.
There is also a shop with original subjects of the WWII. Take enough money with you!
If you are in the Ardennes you must see this museum.

After a small break we decided to visit historical places.

Our first stop was Poteau, the place where Kampfgruppe Hansen attacked the 14 th cavalry group.
Everybody knows the pictures from Poteau!
So it was very interesting to be there at this historical place.
You can find a small commemorative tablet on the ground and an information signboard with photos there.
Earlier there was a museum but also closed now. What a pity!

After this we drove to Wiltz in Luxembourg for visiting the place Schumann´s Eck.
Luxemburg´s bloodiest battles were here. Many soldiers lost their life on this crossroad of Café Schumann.
Today you can see a gun in the middle of this crossroad and a small monument near the street.
Looking at my picture of Schumann´s Eck you can see the restaurant Schumann in the backround.
There we finished the first day with a very good dinner.

In Luxemburg you can eat delicious horse steaks.

At the second day we drove to Diekirch in Luxemburg.
Our first stop was Musée National d'Histoire Militaire".
This museum has got a very big collection of vehicles, uniforms, weapons of The WWII
Impressing to see a lot of dioramas inside the museum.
This museum is also worth visiting.

Last but not least we visited Bastogne.    
At this popular place we had a look at Bastogne Barracks.
We took part of an interesting guide.
Special thanks to Joël Denis, our tour leader in the Barracks.
We heard a lot about the history of the Baracks and we saw many, many ,many tanks and vehicles.
You really have to see it! Amazing!

At least we visited the Bastogne Memorial.
There is also a museum but unfortunately we were too late.
Perhaps next time.

Maybe this is a suggestion for your next trip.
We enjoyed it and had two nice day together.

Many regards,


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